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Loan comparison calculator


Want to determine which loan option may better suit your needs? This calculator helps you compare two different loans to estimate which loan could help you save time and money.

By providing basic loan items such as fees, interest rate and loan length, the calculator can estimate how much you might pay each month and what the total loan amount could be.

Need help? Talk to us today and we can help you understand which loans best suit your needs and could help save you money.

    Home loans

    CUA offers low interest home loans for your first home loan, refinanced home loan or investment home loan. Find out more.

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    Fixed Personal Loan

    Our fixed rate personal loan offers security that your repayments won’t change. Enjoy no account keeping fees and early payout options. Find out more.

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    Car Loan

    CUA offers secured car loans with no account keeping fees. Compare our personal loans for a car or calculate repayments with the CUA AutoMate App.

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