CUA School Fun-Run

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CUA and School Fun-Run – Connecting Communities!

CUA’s long-standing partnership with the School Fun-Run unites two like-minded community-focused organisations, which share a passion for communities, health and teaching kids about financial goals. We are one of the few financial institutions to also have our own health insurance fund, so we recognise how important it is to support initiatives like the CUA School Fun-Run.

What is it all about?

The School Fun-Run started as a way of providing a healthy alternative to chocolate drives for schools around the country. And in 2017 the program celebrates 30 years of promoting fun, fitness and nutrition. With more than 900 schools participating in the fun run each year, we’re proud to say that for many schools it's become an annual event contributing to the majority of their fundraising for the year.

How is CUA involved?

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CUA’s Mutual Good Strategy is about delivering shared value for CUA and the community, investing in initiatives that align to our values. As part of our strategy, we are committed to supporting and encouraging team members to actively participate in the community.  As such, team members are encouraged to volunteer at CUA School Fun-Run events around the country to give back to those communities that support them.

Interested in taking part in CUA’s School Fun-Run?

Not only does the program assist in raising much needed funds for your school, it also benefits the students directly, with valuable lessons in financial goal setting as well as the obvious health benefits associated with taking part in and preparing for a fun run.

For more information visit www.schoolfunrun.com.au or email info@schoolfundraising.com.au

Feel free to pass the above details onto your child’s school so they can get involved or complete this form and a representative from the CUA School Fun-Run will contact you shortly.

And we’re live…

CUA’s Chief of Corporate Affairs and Community, Jo Kearney joins The Morning Show to discuss the CUA School Fun Run – a fantastic initiative that raises invaluable funds for schools across Australia.
Watch the interview here.

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