How ‘healthy’ is your health insurance policy?


Give your health insurance policy an annual ‘healthy test’

When was the last time you put your health insurance policy through its paces? Have you reviewed your policy within the past 12 months to make sure it’s still meeting you or your family’s needs?

It’s good practice to review your policy annually, to ensure you’ve got the right policy in place for the year ahead.

Spending a little time fine-tuning your health insurance policy could alert you to some of those extras that may no longer needed – or others that might have become more important – based on your or your family’s changing needs.

Young and healthy

If you’re young and healthy, cataract or joint replacements mightn’t be on your list of essential services. But you’ll probably be interested in extras cover like physiotherapy, optical, dental and possibly other wellness services.

Growing your family

If you’re thinking about starting a family, review the pregnancy and birth related options to help contribute towards the cost of your obstetrician, birthing unit or maternity hospital. Just be aware that, as with some other services, a waiting period applies.

Established families

If expanding your family is not on the roadmap, then it’s important to review your policy to ensure you’re not paying for services you no longer need, like pregnancy and IVF. Even though you’re down grading your level of hospital cover, you can still be covered for a wide range of treatments that provide peace of mind if something does happens, like cancer or heart related conditions.

As kids grow up, having a good level of Extras cover can come in handy, you might want to increase your Extras cover for regular dental visits, orthodontic services and claim benefits towards swimming lessons. Just be aware, waiting periods may apply when increasing Extras cover.

Empty nesters

If your kids have moved on and you’ve become an empty nester, then review your policy again to make sure it’s suited to your future health needs.

If in the past you’ve chosen a hospital policy with restricted or excluded hospital services, you might want to increase your hospital cover if extra health services might be needed.

Ambulance cover is also important to some people as they get older, along with extras like optical, dental and podiatry.

Regular policy review

As you journey through life, make sure your health insurance cover keeps pace with your changing health and lifestyle needs.

Make time on a regular basis to review your cover and give some thought to what’s on your ‘health horizon’ in the coming year.

It can also help to ring and chat to someone about your health insurance. Our CUA Health member service staff are always happy to review and compare your policy with you and discuss a range of options based on your preferences, needs and budget. We’re only a phone call away.

Looking for extra savings?

And if you’re looking for some additional savings – and who isn’t – you’ll be pleased to learn that from 4 April 2018 CUA Health is offering a 4% discount on your CUA Health insurance premium when you direct debit from your CUA Everyday Account*. You can find out more about this great member benefit here.

Need some help or ready to get started?

If you’d like us to help you “healthy test” your health insurance policy, you only need to give us a call. Our friendly member service staff are only too happy to help. We’re also here to answer any other policy questions you might have as well. Contact us today on: 1300 499 260.

CUA Health has been helping Australians care for their health since 1976. We’ve put 40 years’ experience into creating health insurance that offers more to help you care for the ones you love – like value-for-money Hospital and Extras cover that’s right for you. To learn more about CUA Health Insurance click here.

Important information:

Waiting periods, entitlements, exclusions, limits and other terms and conditions may apply. For comprehensive information about CUA Health Insurance, please refer to the CUA Health Insurance brochure, available from cua.com.au/health.

*The 4% discount is applied to CUA Health premiums paid by direct debit from a CUA transaction account. CUA Health reserves the right to amend or remove the discount and any qualifying criteria at any time. We will always provide you with reasonable notice before exercising this right.

Your needs and financial circumstances have not been taken into account. Terms and conditions are available on application. Other fees and charges may apply. A General Information, Terms & Conditions brochure and Schedule of Fees are available online or from your local CUA branch. You should read both these documents before deciding whether to purchase this product, issued by CUA.

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