PayID event August 2019


CUA was alerted on Friday afternoon, 16 August, to a PayID issue impacting some of your personal information.

Some members’ PayIDs, and their PayID ‘short name’ (e.g. “Susan S or “S Smith”), were accessed, as was other information attached to the PayID including full name, mobile number, BSB, and account number of the associated account.

Importantly no financial transactions took place and nor can the information accessed be used, on its own, to enable financial transactions.

The information was accessed through fraudulent activity. Upon alert CUA took immediate action to stop this and to protect against the same activity recurring in the future.

Members do not need to take any further steps to secure their accounts.

CUA will continue to monitor and detect suspicious or fraudulent transactions or account activity. As always members should remain vigilant and never click on a suspicious link in an SMS or email asking for login or banking details. Nor should members provide their banking details, payment card information or passwords to anyone. CUA will only ever direct you to login to secure online banking via our website cua.com.au.

CUA has directly notified those members impacted to ensure they are informed of the situation.

Protecting members’ privacy is of paramount importance to CUA, and while only a small number of members were impacted by this breach, we are extremely disappointed to see any of our members affected.

If you have any further concerns please call us on 1300 183 363.

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