International collaboration produces first innovation for CUA members


CUA has begun trialling an Australian first instant messaging app that connects new or existing members with their own personal banker through their smart phone.

iM CUA is the first innovation to be trialled by Australia’s largest credit union, CUA, as part of its involvement in a global collaboration with other banking providers from the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. CUA is the exclusive Australia and New Zealand partner of international banking innovator Pivotus Ventures.

CUA Chief Digital Officer Sue Coulter said that following a successful pilot with CUA team members and their families, the trial was now being extended to new or existing members with an Apple iPhone 5 or above (phones must be operating on iOS version 10 or 11).

“It is only a few months since CUA took up a seat at the table of banking innovator Pivotus Ventures, based out of Silicon Valley,” Ms Coulter said.

“Being able to test this first innovation with members so quickly is a real demonstration of just how valuable it is for CUA, as a smaller player in the Australian banking sector, to be able to leverage international expertise in this space.”

iM CUA brings a human touch to digital banking, with members having the freedom to choose their personal banker, who will support them throughout their journey on things like day-to-day inquiries on their existing accounts, opening a new account, or applying for a credit card, personal loan or home loan. Each iM CUA team member has undergone specialised training to build on their existing experience across a range of CUA frontline member service roles.

The key features include:

  • Personalised service – you’ll be chatting to the same person each time you use the app, so the support you receive is tailored to your own circumstances and goals
  • Choice of CUA advisor – you can choose the person you think is the best fit for you and your finances. You can easily swap to a different advisor if your needs or circumstances change
  • Support however and whenever it suits – you can instant message, video call or chat over the phone with your iM CUA advisor. You can see if they are online and if you don’t want to wait, you can ask for another advisor or send a message and wait until your advisor is back on line to respond
  • It’s secure – industry-standard security, like encrypting your messages, will keep your information safe and your data secure.

Ms Coulter said members, or those considering CUA for their banking or financial needs, were encouraged to download iM CUA  from the App Store and check out the iM CUA web page to find out more.

“This is a really exciting new way for CUA to interact with our members, outside of traditional channels, and we really want to hear what our members think. We will be taking on board your feedback and suggestions about what you like or what we could improve, before deciding on how best to roll it out to all our members, including those with Android devices,” she said.

Find out more at www.cua.com.au/imcua

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