Winter selling tips

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Winter selling tips

In the depths of Winter, Spring can seem so far away – but if you are thinking of selling your home when the light, temperature and flowers will be at their best, it's time to start the projects you need to complete to have a fresh, appealing property ready for sale. Here are some things to consider when you are getting ready to sell your property.

Make repairs and finish projects

Walk through your home as if for the first time – what stands out as needing to be fixed?  Leaking taps and broken tiles can be an instant turnoff and are easily repaired. A fresh coat of paint will give any room a fresh look.

It's a good idea to finish up any half-done projects and repairs so your home is looking its best. Updating fittings like taps and light fixtures can also be an inexpensive way to provide a more modern look.

Spring clean

Once the work is done, do an old fashioned Spring clean.  Start at the top and work your way down: remove spider webs, clean windows, curtains and blinds, dust furniture and surfaces, and don't forget the skirting boards.

Take the time to declutter your cupboards and drawers – it will help present your home in a better light and mean that you have less you have to transport when you move. Get rid of items that are broken and donate items you don't use anymore. Pack away as much as you can for a simple, uncluttered look.

Dress for success

With your blank canvas in place, dress each room ready for viewing.  Look at the layout of your furniture and position items so they show the space – not the furniture – to its best advantage. Your aim is to present a space that a potential buyer can picture their own furniture in. A fresh vase of flowers, fresh smelling rooms, and a new welcome mat will all play their part to create an appealing atmosphere.

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