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Smoothie bowls are a great way to give your health a boost this summer

How to make smoothie bowls that are delicious and healthy

If you’ve visited a trendy café recently or been scrolling through your favourite foodie Instagram accounts, you might have noticed that smoothie bowls (and close cousin the acai bowl) are pretty popular right now – and for good reason.
Jan 08, 2019 | Found in: Health,
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4 ways to drink less this festive season

The silly season is here once again, so whether it’s a glass of bubbly at your work party or a cold beer at a barbecue, there’s one thing Christmas celebrations all seem to have in common: alcohol
Dec 03, 2018 | Found in: Health,
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Top 5 Christmas craft ideas for kids

Fun ways for toddlers to teens to experience the true spirit of giving this Christmas
Dec 03, 2018 | Found in: Health,
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Our quick guide to pregnancy insurance

Before you embark on this exhilarating journey of pregnancy and parenthood, there are a few important things to consider like healthcare and insurance.
Nov 23, 2018 | Found in: Health,
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Three ways to get better sleep - starting tonight

If you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, it might be time to rethink your sleep habits
Nov 09, 2018 | Found in: Health,
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