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What you can get with our Extras cover

With all our Extras covers, you’re not restricted to a network of preferred providers - so you can choose when and where you’re treated.

Total Extras and Classic Extras offer the same full range of services, including preventative Wellness Benefits to help you stay healthy. What sets them apart is how much you can claim each year. Essential Extras is a great entry-level cover with affordable dental, physio and optical benefits.

Waiting Period Total Extras Classic Extras Essential Extras
General dental 2 months No Annual limit $700 $400
Major dental 12 months $1100 $600 x
Orthodontics 12 months $900
(Lifetime limit $2500 )
(Lifetime limit $1500 )
Optical 6 months $250 $200 $150
Non-PBS pharmaceuticals 2 months $570 $250 $100
Physiotherapy 2 months Year 1 - $500
Year 2 - $600
Year 3 - $700
$300 $250
Chiropractic 2 months Year 1 - $400
Year 2 - $450
Year 3 - $500
$225 $200
Podiatry 2 months $400 $210 x
Accupuncture 2 months $400
Up to $800 per family
Sublimit $250 per service group
Up to $500 per family
Sublimit $150 per service group
Up to $200 per family
Naturopathy & homeopathy
Remedial massage and other therapies
Psychology 2 months $500 $250 x
Speech therapy
Eye/Orthoptic therapy
Occupational therapy
Dietetics & nutrition
Exercise physiology
Health aids & appliances 12 months $800
80% of cost (sub limit apply for some appliances)
60% of cost (sub limit apply for some appliances)
Ambulance transport 1 day 100% 100% 100%
Wellness Benefits
(E.g. Quit Smoking, Health Subscriptions etc. Sublimits apply
6 months Year 1 - $250
Year 2 - $325
Year 3 - $400
Year 1 - $100
Year 2 - $150
Year 3 - $200
Available stand alone? - Yes Yes No

Why choose our Extras cover?

  • Extra dental for kids

    Kids receive additional general dental benefits for routine dental services (item 012, item 114, item 121). No gap up to a total value of $250 per visit for two visits a year.

  • Easy mobile claims

    The CUA Health Mobile Claiming app means you only need to upload a photo of your invoice to make a claim. If it’s under $300, it will be assessed immediately and the funds will be transferred to your bank account.

  • Manage your Extras claims online

    Use our Online Services portal to submit most Extras claims, check your Extras benefits balance, check specific details about your cover and manage your policy and personal details.

  • Talk to us in person

    Have a question about your CUA Health insurance and want to speak to us in person? Easy! We’re part of CUA, so just drop into your local branch for a chat.

Ready to join?

Simply choose the cover that’s right for you. If you’re transferring from another provider, be sure to have your policy details handy and we’ll look after all the paperwork for you.

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Have a few questions?

If you have any questions about your health cover, you can take a look at our Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 499 260 or drop into your local CUA branch.

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* First month free is available only to new policy holders who join via Credit Union Australia Limited. ABN: 44 087 650 959 (CUA) directly.

# The quoted price assumes you live in Queensland and you’ll receive 25.934% Australian Government Rebate for Private Health Insurance. Hospital cover prices are based on no Lifetime Health Cover Loading and an excess of $500 per person per calendar year (excluding dependants).

CUA Health Insurance is provided by CUA Health Ltd 98 098 685 459 (CHL) which is not an authorised deposit-taking institution. While CUA Health Insurance may be distributed by Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959 (CUA), CUA is not liable for this product and does not stand behind CHL.

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