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Switching Health Insurance Providers


Step 1

What do I need to know about switching?

If you like the look of CUA Health’s simple approach to health insurance, making the switch from your current provider is easy. Join CUA Health and we’ll break the news to your other provider, cancel your policy and transfer over any served (or partially served) waiting periods to your new policy.

To ensure you’re confident in your decision, CUA Health also offers a 30 day cooling off period. If you change your mind, let us know in writing and we’ll refund any money you’ve paid so long as you haven’t yet made a claim.

The CUA Health difference:

  • You’ll remain fully eligible for the Medicare Levy Surcharge exemption
  • 30 day cooling off period
  • Online and mobile claiming
  • No excess for kids’ hospital admission
Common questions
If you do not have a suitable level of hospital cover and earn above the income threshold, you may have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge’ of an additional 1% to 1.5% of your income. This is on top of the mandatory 2% you already pay as the ‘Medicare Levy. The good news is, with all CUA Health Hospital cover options, you’ll remain fully eligible for the Medicare Levy Surcharge exemption.

Step 2

What do I need to do?

Switching to CUA Health is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Choose

Choose the CUA Health cover which best suits your needs and budget using the selection tool below. Choose from Hospital cover, Extras cover or a combination.

2. Join

Complete the online join form and let us know the name of your current provider, your membership or policy number.

3. Relax

We’ll then set you up with CUA Health and contact your previous provider on your behalf. Any waiting periods you’ve served on your last policy will be applied to your new CUA Health policy.

Quick questions
A waiting period is the amount of time between taking out a health insurance policy and being able to make a claim. The lengths of waiting periods for different treatments vary. If you served part or all of your waiting period at your previous provider, CUA Health will honour it so long as it was for a similar level of cover and was valid within 2 months of joining CUA Health.
If something changes and you decide CUA Health isn’t right for you, write to us within 30 days of your policy start date and any premiums you’ve paid will be refunded in full, provided you haven’t made a claim.

Step 3

What cover is right for me?

If you’ve had health insurance before, you probably have a reasonable idea of what services you use and what you don’t. It’s nice to know that all CUA Health Hospital Cover options satisfy the government requirements to not pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Health Cover Loading.

If you are increasing your level of cover from your previous policy, you’ll still receive benefits at your previous level of cover until you’ve served the waiting periods of your new policy. If you have any questions, you can take a look at our Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 499 260 or drop into your local CUA branch.

What's what?
An excess is an upfront amount that you agree to pay towards the cost of hospital treatment, in exchange for lower premium costs. The excess does not apply to day surgery or dependant children.
Important information Important information Show content

1. Offer available only to new policyholders who purchase a policy before 30 June 2018 and pay premiums via direct debit from a CUA bank account. $200 maximum cashback is based on purchase of a Couples, Family or Single Parent combined Hospital & Extras policy (excluding certain policies purchased by Northern Territory residents– refer below). A lesser cashback of $100 is paid for purchase of a combined Singles policy and for Northern Territory residents who purchase a Single Parent Family combined Accident Only Hospital and Essential Extras policy. All other Family or Single Parent combined policies purchased by residents of the Northern Territory are eligible for $200 cashback. No cashback applies to any other policies. Full terms and conditions available at cua.com.au/healthy200
2. First month free is available only to new policy holders who join via Credit Union Australia Limited ABN 44 087 650 959 (CUA) directly. Health insurance is provided by CUA Health Ltd ABN 98 098 685 459 (CHL) which is not an authorised deposit-taking institution. While CUA Health Insurance may be distributed by Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959 (CUA), CUA is not liable for this product and does not stand behind CHL.
3. The 4% discount is applied to CUA Health premiums paid by direct debit from a CUA transaction account on any policy effective from 4 April 2018. CUA Health reserves the right to amend or remove the discount and any qualifying criteria at any time. We will always provide you with reasonable notice before exercising this right. Full terms and conditions available at cua.com.au/healthdiscount
4 Your needs and financial circumstances have not been taken into account. Terms and conditions are available on application. Other fees and charges may apply. A General Information, Terms & Conditions brochure and Schedule of Fees are available online or from your local CUA branch. You should read both these documents before deciding whether to purchase this product, issued by CUA.

# The quoted price assumes you live in Queensland and you’ll receive 25.934% Australian Government Rebate for Private Health Insurance. Hospital cover prices are based on no Lifetime Health Cover Loading and an excess of $500 per person per calendar year (excluding dependants).

CUA Health Insurance is provided by CUA Health Ltd 98 098 685 459 (CHL) which is not an authorised deposit-taking institution. While CUA Health Insurance may be distributed by Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959 (CUA), CUA is not liable for this product and does not stand behind CHL.

Click here to see the full CUA Health Terms and Conditions