CUA Health Insurance

CUA Health eGift Card promotion

  1. By participating in CUA Health’s eGift Card promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. CUA Health insurance is provided by CUA Health Ltd ABN 98 098 685 459 (CUA Health), which is not an authorised deposit-taking institution.
  3. CUA Health Insurance is distributed by Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959, AFSL 238317 (CUA). Great Southern Bank is not liable for CUA Health insurance and does not stand behind CUA Health.
  4. To be eligible for an eGift Card, you must:
    1. purchase your policy via CUA Health Insurance website, Great Southern Bank branch or the Great Southern Bank call centre
    2. have a valid email address
    3. be a new member of CUA Health and not previously held a CUA Health policy in the last 12 months;
    4. between 11 May 2021 and 30 June 2021 (the Promotion Period), purchase a combined hospital and extras cover with a value of at least $1,251 per annum;
    5. commence your policy cover between 11 May 2021 and 30 June 2021;
    6. remain financial for 60 days from the day your policy cover commences.
  5. The eGift Card reward value is determined by the value of the gross annual premium (before the application of any discounts or Lifetime Health Cover loading) as noted on your Standard Information Statement or Private Health Information Statement, as follows:
    eGift Card eligibility Gross Annual Premium Gift Card Reward Value
    Tier 1 Between $1,251 – $1,670 $150
    Tier 2 Between $1,671 - $2,200 $200
    Tier 3 Between $2,201 – $2,500 $250
    Tier 4 Between $2,501 - $3,500 $300
    Tier 5 Between $3,501 - $4170 $400
    Tier 6 Above $4,171 $500
  6. Members who terminate their policy or downgrade to a hospital only or extras only cover within 60 days of commencing your policy cover will not be eligible for an eGift Card. In addition, if you make any other changes to your policy, then the gross annual premium for the purpose of determining your eGift Card eligibility will be the applicable premium 60 days from when your policy cover commences.
  7. Only 1 eGift Card will be given per policy, regardless of the number of members covered on a policy.
  8. Subject to meeting these terms and conditions, the eGift Card will be sent to the policy holder via the email address provided at the time of joining within 14 days after your CUA Health cover has been active for 60 days.
  9. The eGift Card will be issued by Edge Loyalty on behalf of CUA Health Ltd, as a reward voucher. By participating in this promotion, you consent to CUA Health providing your first name and email address to Edge Loyalty, who will deal with your personal information in accordance with their privacy policy, available at If you do not consent to your details being provided to Edge Loyalty, then we will be unable to provide you with the eGift Card regardless of your eligibility.
  10. You will need to redeem the reward voucher for an eGift Card of your choice from the Edge Loyalty website. Reward vouchers must be redeemed within 90 days of being issued by Edge Loyalty. Redemption of the reward voucher may be subject to other terms and conditions as stipulated by Edge Loyalty. In addition, once redeemed for an eGift Card, eGift Cards may be subject to the retailer’s terms and conditions of use.
  11. eGift Cards are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.
  12. CUA Health may withdraw or amend this offer at any time during the Promotion Period without notice. Should CUA Health exercise its right to withdraw the offer, this will not affect the payment of eGift Cards to members who applied for a CUA Health insurance policy before the offer was withdrawn, and otherwise comply with these terms and conditions (including the eligibility criteria set out above).