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Get a personalised banking experience with our new instant messaging app.

Introducing iM CUA

Be one of the first to try iM CUA, the exciting new instant messaging app (currently only available on iPhone) that lets you choose a personal banker who’ll answer your questions and support you throughout your journey. Whether you’re an existing member or new to CUA, they’ll get to know you and your goals so you get the best personal service possible.

    You can ask them about:
  • General questions to do with your CUA account
  • Getting your new account set up
  • Money transfers and payments
  • Applying for a home loan, personal loan or credit card
  • Other CUA products and services, like general insurance and health insurance
To use iM CUA, you’ll need to have a current mobile phone number registered with us.

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Get a personal service

With iM CUA you’ll get support with your banking needs from the same person each time you use the app. It means the support you get will be tailored to your circumstances and goals.

Get support however and whenever suits

You can instant message, video call or chat over the phone with your iM CUA Advisor. You’ll be able to see when they’re online, but if they happen to be unavailable, you can either ask for help from another advisor or send your message and hang tight until your own advisor is back online and able to reply.

Stay secure

We use industry-standard security protocols (like encrypting all your messages in transit) to keep your information protected, and your data secure.

Pick your iM CUA Advisor

You get to choose the person you think is the best fit for you and your finances. And you can swap them easily if you change your mind or if your circumstances change.

iM ready to give it a try

We’d love for you to help us test this exciting new service and give us feedback. To give iM CUA a try, simply download the app and enter your phone number to get started.
Please note that iM CUA is currently only available on Apple devices.

Download iM CUA

If you need help getting started or want to find out more, call us on 1800 931 411.

Let us help you get set up

If you’re not a CUA member yet or you’re not sure if the mobile phone number we have for you is up to date, enter your details and we’ll be in touch to help get you started. We need an up to date mobile phone number to make sure your iM CUA profile is set up properly and you get the best experience possible using the app.

Are you a CUA Member?


iM CUA is currently only available on selected Apple devices running on iOS 10 & 11. But we want to offer this service to as many CUA members as possible, and hope to have an Android version of the app available soon.
iM CUA is a new instant messaging app that we’re trialing with our existing and new members. It brings a personal touch to digital banking. It does this by letting you choose your very own iM CUA Advisor who will provide you with a personal service through the convenience of a mobile app. Your advisor will be able to help you via chat, voice and video.
Plenty! They can answer general enquiries about your CUA account, help you with updating your information, check transactions, stop or order cards, help with loan enquiries and applications, and discuss CUA products and services. Pretty much whatever you can throw at them.
Advisors will be online Monday to Friday from 8am-8pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm AEST. Your personal advisor will be able to let you know the specific hours they’re available. Depending on feedback, we may expand our hours to meet members’ needs following the initial test period.
Yes, iM CUA is seperate to the existing CUA Mobile Banking app. We’re trialing the features and benefits for our members before we look at offering the iM CUA service as part of the CUA Mobile Banking app.
Simply download the iM CUA app through the App Store on your phone. Once downloaded, the app is linked to the mobile phone number that you have on file with CUA. If you don’t currently have an up-to-date mobile number listed, or are new to CUA, please call us on 1800 931 411 so we can help you.
If you’ve forgotten your passcode simply click on ‘Forgot?’ in the top right hand corner of the screen and re-register your device. If you’ve never logged in successfully or are experiencing any other technical problem, please contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411.
If you ever want to change who your iM CUA Advisor is, you can do that easily through the app. It’s also worth remembering that iM CUA simply gives you another channel to interact with us. It won’t replace online banking, mobile banking, our branches or our call centre. It’s up to you how and when you want to reach us.
Absolutely. All your information is protected and your data is secure. Your messages are encrypted in transit and we use industry standard security protocols.
Your CUA account information won’t be displayed in the iM CUA app. Your iM CUA Advisor will have access to your account/s through our secure systems, just as our branch and call centre advisors do.
You will have a selection of different individuals to choose from, depending in your situation and goals. All iM CUA Advisors are team members who have been selected for their knowledge and commitment to providing the best service possible.
You can let your iM CUA Advisor know about any issues or feedback within the app; or if you have technical issues you can contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411. Most issues can be resolved by exiting the app and opening it again. It’s worth bearing in mind that some actions in the app may take a little bit of time to complete, like uploading a photo.
We would love to hear any feedback you have. In fact, we may occasionally ask you about your iM CUA experience. Your feedback is totally optional, but we would really appreciate your opinion on how you find using the app.
We’re proud to say that iM CUA is an Australian-first. Other banking providers in the United States, United Kingdom and The Netherlands are trialing their own version of this app with their customers.