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It’s a good idea to bring your CUA Health card with you to your appointment. If your practitioner uses HICAPS, you can make your extras claim on the spot and only pay the difference.

What if I don’t have a card or they don’t offer HICAPS? Show content

You can still claim your Extras benefit, just pay for your treatment and be sure to get an invoice. You can then lodge your claim using the CUA Health Mobile Claiming app, Online Services, by visiting a CUA branch, by fax or by mail.

If you lodge your claim using the CUA Health Mobile Claiming app or Online Services, all you need to do is upload a photo of your receipt. Claims under $300 will be assessed immediately so you’ll know how much to expect back in your bank account.

Because there are a number of treatments you can get at the dentist, CUA Health offers a specific claim amount for each one. For example, if you were to go to the dentist for your regular check up and get your teeth cleaned and have a fluoride treatment, your total bill may be $180. If you have Total Extras cover, you'd then be able to claim:

$35 for periodic oral examination
$70 for scale and clean
$22 for fluoride treatment
= $127 total

If your dentist offers HICAPS, you’ll claim $127 from CUA Health on the spot and pay the remainder $53 directly to your dentist.

Kids get extra preventative dental treatment, with no gap payable up to $250 each visit for two visits per year. (items 012,114,121).

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When you visit the optometrist for a regular eye and sight check, Medicare covers the cost of your appointment  . Make sure you have your Medicare card with you so you can claim it on the spot with nothing to pay.

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CUA Health makes claiming on prescription eyewear simple. Your benefit isn’t restricted to a set amount for frames and another amount for lenses, you simply get an annual budget to spend as you please. This is $250 per person, per calendar year for Total Extras, $200 for Classic Extras and $150 for Essential Extras.

Better still, many optometry retailers offer CUA Health policy holders discounts on glasses frames and lenses. For full details on these discounts download a copy of the CUA Health brochure.

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What happens if I visit the physio? Show content

If you have an injury and want to visit the physio, you can claim your appointment on your Extras benefits. Your first appointment for your injury will be considered your ‘initial visit’ and you’ll be able to claim a little bit more. Each visit for the injury thereafter is considered a ‘subsequent visit’.

If you were to experience a second injury in the calendar year and return to the same physio, you would be able to claim another ‘initial visit’. There is a maximum of 3 initial visits you can claim per calendar year.

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