Expecting a baby

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Having a baby can bring a world of ‘firsts’ with it. Well before the first smiles (or even the first scan), there’s a lot to think about.

At CUA, we’re here to support you on your journey to becoming a new parent. We can help with the financial side, budgeting, planning, savings – you name it. We can even help with health insurance that’ll look after you and your little one.

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Meet the Hatch products...

Youth eSaver for babies

Why not open a Youth eSaver and put small increments away for your bundle of joys arrival? Help them get off to a great start.
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With baby on the way the excitement builds, but so too can the stress levels. And at times like these you just need someone to help you get your head in the right space.
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Baby budget estimator

You’ve got a million and one things to think about with your baby on the way. Planning and budgeting can really help you manage and prepare for the financial challenges of parenthood.

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Parental leave calculator

Knowing exactly how long you can afford to take off from work, can really help you to make the most of your time with your precious new arrival.

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The hidden costs of pregnancy

April 28, 2017 Expecting

If you’ve been dreaming about starting a family, chances are that a cold, hard look at the finances won’t turn that decision around. That said, shedding some light on expenses could help you be better prepared.

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