The hidden costs of pregnancy

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If you’ve been dreaming about starting a family, chances are that a cold, hard look at the finances won’t turn that decision around. That said, shedding some light on expenses could help you be better prepared. Let’s take a look at some of the pregnancy costs you may not have thought about.

  1. New clothes. Not thousands and thousands of dollars worth of clothes (although there’s some gorgeous maternity wear out there these days!) but every expectant mother is going to need enough to cover everyday life for quite a few months.
  2. Obstetricians, scans and blood tests. While Medicare rebates may be  available on some of these costs, you’ll still end up out of pocket. Private health insurance often doesn’t cover out-of-hospital visits to an obstetrician, so remember to take that into account when planning your baby budget.
  3. Healthy living and multivitamins. Once you fall pregnant, your awareness about what you’re putting into your body rises sharply. Be prepared for a possible increase in your shopping bill as you may add health supplements and possibly more organic food to your diet.
  4. Having said that, you may also find that you’re spending more on takeaway food. Whether you’re craving something in particular or are just too dead tired to cook, some nights takeaway just looks really, really good.
  5. Natural therapies. No two pregnant women have the same experience, however backaches, acne, sciatica, constipation, fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches and difficulty sleeping are all common complaints. Sometimes the only answer is rest, but natural therapies such as acupuncture or pregnancy massage may also help.
  6. That photoshoot. It’s not for everyone but some couples like to capture their pregnancy journey in a series of beautiful portrait photographs. For many more, engaging the services of a professional photographer once the baby is born is an absolute must. If this appeals to you, you’ll need to plan ahead, book your photographer and most likely, pay a deposit up front.

All in all, none of these hidden costs are particularly prohibitive. Keep in mind, however, that these costs are in addition to the more obvious expenses such as a pram, a cot or bassinette, baby capsule, etc. Yes, it can be overwhelmingly expensive. There are tools to help planning, click her to use our interactive baby budgeting estimator that helps plan out the costs.  There are also plenty of solutions, such as taking out a small personal loan and exploring the possibility of pausing your home loan repayments, so you can spend more time with bub.  Would you change your mind because of the cost? Of course not. Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys in life and while financial security can certainly help, nothing can prepare you for the experience, so jump in and enjoy.

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