Having a baby

If you’re looking at getting health insurance for the first time, we know it can be a little overwhelming. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

Step 1

Should I get health insurance if I’m planning on having a baby?

Before you make this decision, you need to think about where you’d like your baby delivered – in a private or public hospital, or are you considering a homebirth? You also need to decide how important it is for you to choose your own doctor.

If you want to have your baby in a private hospital and to choose your obstetrician, you’ll need appropriate level health insurance for 12 months prior to being admitted for the birth in order to be covered, so plan ahead (if you can). Our Ultimate Hospital (Gold) and Premium Select Hospital (Silver Plus) include cover for pregnancy and birth. If you’ve served the waiting period with another provider, we’ll honour it at CUA Health too.

The advantages of having health insurance include:

  • Choosing your own obstetrician
  • Extra recovery time in hospital
  • Choosing which hospital you will go to
  • Cover for your baby should there be complications
Common questions
If you choose our Premium Hospital cover, you’ll be covered for any hospital admission costs for your IVF treatment.

Step 2

What should I consider when looking at health insurance for pregnancy?

Think about the whole journey of your growing family, not just the birth of your baby. Your little one can be covered on your CUA Health Family or Single Parent insurance policy until they turn 23 (or 25 if they’re a fulltime student) with no excess required if they ever need to be admitted to hospital.

When planning your family

  • Our Ultimate Hospital (Gold) and Premium Select Hospital (Silver) include cover for pregnancy and birth.
  • Waiting periods already served with other providers will be honoured.
  • If you are new to health insurance you would need to wait 12 months before you can claim for pregnancy, birth or assisted reproductive services.
  • Our Ultimate Hospital (Gold) and Premium Select Hospital (Silver) policies also cover the hospital component for assistive reproduction services (IVF).

For pregnancy and birth

  • Choose your own obstetrician to see you through the entire journey.
  • Give birth in a private hospital where you’re likely to get your own room, be able to stay longer and have your partner stay with you.
  • Have your newborn covered immediately on your Family or Single Parent policy without waiting periods.

As your family grows

  • Children included on Family or Single Parent policies are covered until they are 23 (or 25 if studying fulltime).
  • No excess on kids’ hospital admission.
  • No ‘per child’ increase of premium.

Quick questions
Your little one will be covered on your ‘Single Parent’ or ‘Family’ policy so long as you have them added once they’re born. If you are already on a Couples policy then adding your baby will not increase your premium and if your child is ever admitted to hospital, the excess payment will be waived. If this is your first child, you should change your policy to a ‘Single Parent’ or ‘Family’ policy once the baby is born.

Step 3

What cover is right for me?

Inpatient pregnancy, birth and assistive reproductive services are included on our Ultimate Hospital (Gold) and Premium Select Hospital (Silver Plus) covers. Ultimate Hospital (Gold) is available with a $500 excess; you can choose between a $500 and $750 on Premium Select Hospital Cover (Silver Plus). If this is your first child, you should consider updating your policy to either 'Family' or 'Single Parent' cover to ensure you newborn gets full cover as well.

What's what?
An excess is an upfront amount that you agree to pay towards the cost of hospital treatment, in exchange for lower premium costs. The excess does not apply to day surgery or dependant children.
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