Viewing transactions

Viewing the transactions on your accounts is easy in CUA Online Banking.

You will need:

To view transactions:

  • Step 1

    After logging in to CUA Online Banking, go to ‘Accounts’ on the left-hand side menu and click ‘Transactions’.

  • Step 2

    Click on the ‘Account’ dropdown menu and select the account you’d like to view transactions.

  • Step 3

    Select the ‘Date Range’ that you’d like to view transactions.

  • Step 4

    Press the ‘Search’ button to see a list of transactions.

  • To search for more specific transactions, like a particular debit or credit, a payee name and amounts sent/received, click on the ‘Advanced Options’ link.  Then fill in the boxes you’d like to search. Next, click the ‘Search’ button to see any matching transactions.

To download your transactions list:

  • Step 1

    Go to the ‘Transaction list for Account’ panel located just below the ‘Search’ button.

  • Step 2

    Click on the ‘Select format’ and select your preferred file format from the dropdown menu.

  • Step 3

    Select the ‘Export’ button and your file will download. Click on it to open.

  • If you chose ‘PDF’, the file will show your name and address, as well as any filter applied in an ‘Advanced Options’ search.