Top 3 health benefits of remedial massage

Remedial massage has many health benefits

We all love the feel-good factor of a massage, but remedial massage is a unique specialisation that can help to heal and treat both body and mind.

Remedial massage is one of the many wellness benefits included within most CUA Health Insurance Extras cover.

To ensure our members have a good understanding of how and why they might benefit from remedial massage, we’ve spoken to a leading provider in Victoria to learn about the most common reasons why people use remedial massage and the many health benefits provided by this popular wellness therapy.

“Remedial massage offers the same health benefits as a general massage, but it’s designed to remedy specific issues in the body and promote healing,” explained Kevin Skillen, a remedial massage therapist from Seddon Therapies in Melbourne.

Remedial massage is performed by a specially trained therapist who uses a variety of techniques to restore normal health and function in your body.

Why use remedial massage?

1. Move more freely

Remedial massage is commonly used to improve joint mobility by releasing any restrictions in movement. According to Kevin, it can be used to repair “an endless” list of problems related to function and movement.

It can help to restore damaged, tense or sore tissues in your body, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, or other connective tissue. It can also help to manage common problems, such as neck and back pain.

“We often treat people who have been sitting at a desk all day, leaning over a computer. As a result of this constant flexing forward, they have a lot of pain in their neck and back,” he said.

Remedial massage tackles the cause of the problem and the symptoms.

“We also treat people in other types of jobs, for example, truck or bus drivers who have developed sciatica (back) pain from sitting all day long. Or people who have other work-related pain from repeated lifting of heavy items,” he said.

If you’re involved in sport and keen to prevent injuries, then remedial massage has a role to play here too.

“Sports people use remedial massage to improve their performance, aid their recovery and prevent further injury,” said Kevin, who works with elite athletes including professional AFL players.

2. Shake off stress and boost your immunity

Remedial massage can also be used to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.

The soothing benefits of remedial massage encourage the release of endorphins, which provide that feel-good feeling.

Remedial massage allows your immune system to work more freely and efficiently, according to Kevin.

“There’s a special technique within remedial massage called manual lymphatic drainage, which stimulates the immune system to fight bacteria,” he explained.

This special type of massage involves stimulating the lymph nodes to promote drainage of fluids from the system.

Remedial massage can also assist with other health conditions, such as migraine, he added.

3. Sleep more soundly

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellbeing and to reduce our risk of ill-health. But many of us don’t get enough sleep to help our body and mind adequately rest and recover.

For many people, stress, worry, depression, or work schedules may affect our quality of sleep. For others, there might be other issues contributing to poor sleep, such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, or perhaps restless legs syndrome.

If your poor sleep is due to worry, stress or muscle tension, then remedial massage may help you relax and sleep better,” Kevin said.

Remedial massage helps to relax the body, reduces muscle tension, improves circulation and reduces stress, which naturally helps to promote a good night’s sleep.

Before your first appointment

If you think remedial massage might be beneficial to your health and wellbeing, then here are some tips on finding an accredited provider located close to you:

And, as is the case with all CUA Health Insurance Extras cover our members aren’t restricted to a network of preferred providers – so the decision as to when and where you receive these services is up to you.

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