Mobile Banking

The benefits of using the CUA Mobile Banking app

  • It’s simple

    Our Mobile Banking app brings the convenience of online banking to your mobile device. Check your balances, pay bills and transfer money with ease.

  • It’s secure

    From logging in using fingerprint or face recognition on supported devices, through to managing your WAC (Web Access Code), we strive to make your mobile banking experience totally secure.

  • It's convenient

    Quickly view, search and set up your payees and billers, make transactions and scheduled payments, and set up recurring payments while on the go.

phone with cua app
phone with cua app

How do I download the app

You can get our Mobile Banking app from the App Store or Google Play. You’ll need your member number and WAC the first time you log in.

Each time you log in you’ll need your Web Access Code or set up fingerprint/face identification. If you have automatic app updates enabled on your device, your app may upgrade by itself each time a new version is avaliable.

Please note, the previous versions of the app will not be supported. To continue to bank with us easily anywhere, anytime, make sure you stay up to date with our upgrades.

Most commonly asked questions about the Mobile Banking App

About the CUA Mobile Banking app

You can :

  • Log in quickly and securely using your fingerprint or face on supported devices
  • View and search your payees and billers
  • Make fast payments – under a minute with Osko
  • View pending Visa Debit transactions
  • Search and filter transactions and scheduled payments
  • View details like your email, contact numbers and account preferences
  • View account details including account owner names, interest summary and interest rates
  • View both the available and current account balances
  • Check your balances
  • Pay bills and transfer money
  • Set up and save a new payee or biller
  • Set up a recurring payment
  • View your last six months of transactions
  • Save your member number and choose to securely log in with only your WAC (Web Access Code)
  • Change your WAC
  • Apple Devices: Add your active Visa Debit or credit card to your Apple Wallet.

Accessing Mobile banking

If you're already registered for CUA Online Banking, you'll need to use your member number and WAC (Web Access Code) to log into the app. You'll need to enter your member number the first time you log in to the app. You can then select to have the app remember it for you.

If you're not set up for CUA Online Banking yet, then click here to register securely online in less than 2 minutes.

To log out, you can simply tap the LOG OUT button within the app. If you leave the app without logging out, you will be automatically logged out after a short period of inactivity. It is also important to close the app after each use.

Your WAC (Web Access Code) needs to be 8 or more characters in length (max 512), and must use characters from TWO (2) of the following character sets;

Set 1: uppercase / lower alphabetic characters A-Z/ a-z
Set 2: numeric characters. 0 - 9 Set 3: special characters: ~`!@#$%^&*()-_+={}|[]\:;“‘<,>.?/

Your new WAC must be easy to remember but cannot be easily guessed, like your name, phone number, date of birth or postcode. Your WAC is confidential and must not be voluntarily disclosed to anyone, including a family member or friend. If you’re aware someone knows your WAC and you don't change it immediately or ask us to issue you a new one, you may be liable for any losses incurred as a result.

When you first log in to the CUA Mobile Banking app, the ‘Remember me’ feature will be switched on — indicated by the toggle being swiped to the right. This means that after successfully logging in, your member number will be securely saved for your next login, so that you only have to enter your WAC (Web Access Code). Make sure you toggle the ‘Remember me’ button to the off position before you log in if you don’t want to use this feature.

Important: If you are using the web version of our Mobile Banking app, the ‘Remember me’ feature is not available.

That’s not a problem. Just make sure the ‘Remember me’ feature is turned off at the login screen and then the other person can log in using their own member number and Web Access Code. The next time you log in, you will need to enter your member number and you will have the option to turn the ‘Remember me’ feature on again.

If this feature is enabled on your device, when you first log in you’ll be prompted to set up Touch/Face ID (iOS) or Fingerprint login (Android).
You can also turn this feature on and off by going to the ‘Services and Settings’ menu and selecting ‘Use Touch ID/Fingerprint to log in’.
If you’ve set up Touch ID/Fingerprint login, only you can log into the CUA Mobile Banking app. However, if someone else has stored their fingerprint on your device, they’ll be able to log into the app and access your account. To protect the security of your account, we recommend only your fingerprint is stored on your device.

If you've forgotten your WAC, simply go to the login page for CUA Online Banking, click on the ‘Reset your WAC’ button and follow the steps.

If you enter an incorrect WAC multiple times, it will be locked. If this happens, you'll need to call us on 133 282 to reset it.

You can change your WAC in the CUA Mobile Banking app under the ‘Services and Settings’ section.

Is my personal banking information stored on my phone if I have the CUA Mobile Banking app?

Your banking information is only available while you’re logged into our mobile app. Once you log out, your information is no longer available on the phone.

Your banking information is only available while you’re logged into our mobile app. Once you log out, your information is no longer available on the phone.

Using the CUA Mobile Banking App

Yes. On Apple devices, the app has a 'My cards‘ section where you will see your active Visa Debit and credit cards. You can add cards to your Apple Wallet from here and report lost or stolen cards.

Although you can’t chat to your CUA Personal banker in CUA Mobile Banking, you can access the iM CUA app, via a link in the ‘Contact us’ section.

If you haven’t downloaded the app already, the link will take you to the app store to download. You’ll then need to log into iM CUA as normal to open the app.

Before logging into the app, you can select the ‘i’ icon below the Login button and choose to ‘Take a tour’ of the app.
Once logged into the app, you will see a menu icon of three bars in the top left. Clicking this will display the different features you can use in the app. If you click through to screens, you will be able to navigate back by selecting the back arrow in the top left.
NOTE: Android users must use the arrow within the app to navigate back as the back navigation on your device is not linked to the app.
Some features in the app will open in a separate panel or window. To exit any of these, just tap outside the panel to return to the previous screen.

Go to the ‘My Accounts’ page and select the account you want to view.

For Visa Debit transactions, the app will display a list of 25 transactions including pending and settled transactions. Simply click ‘show more’ to display up to six months of transactions.

For Credit Card transactions, the app will display a list of transactions, including pending and settled transactions. If you have no transactions for some time, you’ll need to keep scrolling in order to search further back in time.

You can view all debit card and credit card transactions that are older than six months in your eStatements in CUA Online Banking.

Your pending Visa Debit card and Credit Card transactions will appear as at the date of the transaction until the merchant has settled the payment. At this time the transaction will be presented on the settled date.

To see more information, tap on the individual transaction and more details will be displayed.

The difference between your current balance and available balance can be made up of pending card transactions, uncleared cheques (debit cards only), holds on account (debit cards only) or month-to-date accrued cash advance interest charges (credit cards only).

Click on the top left menu icon and select ‘Payments & Payees’ and then ‘Scheduled payments’. You’ll be shown a list of all the payments you have scheduled.

Filter your scheduled payments by selecting ‘Bills’, ‘Payments’ or ‘Transfers’ and search by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

If you would like to edit or delete a scheduled payment, you will need to do this through CUA Online Banking.

Please note that standing orders (direct debits) for your home or personal loans will not be displayed in the app and you will need to view these details in CUA Online Banking.

Click on the top left menu icon, select ‘Payments & Payees’ and then ‘Payees & Billers’. You’ll be shown a list of all payees and billers sorted in alphabetical order. Filter by ‘Payees’ and ‘Billers’ and search by selecting the magnifying glass icon.

To add a new payee or biller, select ‘Add new’ and follow the steps.

Follow the steps on screen to make a transfer or payment. You will be sent a security code by SMS or email any time you add a new payee or biller.

Please note that the app does not allow transfers or payments to be made ‘From’ an account that requires more than one to sign (i.e. signatory/joint account). All accounts can accept transfers in.

Yes, we’ve now rolled out the NPP fast payments functionality using Osko in the CUA Mobile Banking app. Just be sure to download the latest app update to your smartphone, and you’ll be able to transfer money using fast payments.

Making a fast payment is simple and effortless. When using a PayID or BSB and account number, you’ll be given an indication of how long the payment will take to process. Payments can be as fast as under a minute with Osko, to 24 hours, or up to 3 business days depending on the availability of fast payments at the receiving financial institution.

Fast payment daily limits apply, and you can easily view your remaining limit via the ‘Limits Apply’ feature within the payment process.

If you need to send a payment for an amount greater than the daily limit, you’ll need to turn the ‘Make fast payment’ toggle off. This will allow for the payment to proceed through the traditional process, which can take up to 3 business days.

No, not at the moment. Currently you can only create a PayID for your CUA account through CUA Online Banking. We are, however, working hard to bring PayID registration to the CUA Mobile Banking app as soon as possible.

There's no daily limit when you transfer funds between your own CUA accounts or pay your bills using BPAY.

For all other transfers, you can increase your daily limit up to $30,000. To change your daily limit, go to the ‘Manage Limits’ section in CUA Online Banking..

Please note, a daily transfer limit of $5,000 does however apply for fast payments made through the New Payments Platform (NPP) and cannot be increased.

Find out more about NPP.

You can view your email, contact numbers and alert preferences by selecting ‘Services and Settings’ then ‘Personal Details’.

If you would like to update these details, simply log into CUA Online Banking, and update your ‘Personal Details’ under the ‘Services’ section.

Click on the account name you would like to view. To view further details, select the account name at the top of the screen or ‘More information’ and ‘Account details’.

The ATM/branch finder in the app allows you to search for ATMs and CUA branches within a 10k radius of your location. To use this feature, you must have location settings turned on, both within the app and on your device. Depending on your device, you may be automatically prompted to update your settings when you attempt to use the feature. Alternatively, you would need to change the settings manually on your device.

Android users will also need to make sure their System Location Settings are set to ‘High Accuracy’.

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1 There is no fee for accessing your CUA accounts using your mobile. You may incur charges from your mobile provider – please check with your provider for more details. Access is subject to availability and maintenance.