New Payments Platform (NPP)

Faster, simpler, smarter payments are here

You can now use the New Payments Platform (NPP) with CUA Mobile and Online Banking to make fast payments. And when you use a PayID, fast payments are even easier as you don’t need to remember your BSB and account number.

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Benefits of NPP and PayID

  • Fast Payments

    When you make a payment or someone sends you money, the funds will generally be received in less than a minute between participating financial institutions, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

  • Simple Payments

    Instead of having to look up your BSB and account number, you can set up a ‘PayID’ for your CUA account using just your mobile number, email address or ABN if you’re a business. When someone needs to pay you, you simply give them your PayID, and if you’re sending money to someone else, you can make the payment to their PayID.

  • Smart Payments

    You can include up to 280 characters of text with your payment to describe what it was for and who it was made to. It means you can keep a more detailed record of your payments.

What are PayID and Osko?

Pay ID

PayID is the simple new way to receive money into your CUA account. You can use a PayID instead of having to look up your BSB and account number. With CUA, your PayID can be your mobile number, email address or ABN if you’re an Australian business. Since it launched, over 1.6 million Australians have created a PayID for their bank account.

When you’re sending money to someone else’s PayID (or they’re sending money to yours), the name of the person who has registered that PayID is shown before you approve the payment. It means you can be more confident you’re paying the right person.

You can set up a PayID linked to your nominated CUA account through CUA Online Banking.

Remember, you can have multiple PayIDs linked to your CUA account (your mobile number and email address, for example), but each PayID can only be linked to one account at a time.

Frequently asked questions about NPP and PayID

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