Online Banking

The benefits of using CUA Online Banking

  • It’s simple

    With CUA Online Banking, you can check balances, pay bills and transfer money, including BPAY and Fast Payments. You can also open everyday transaction, savings and term deposit accounts.

  • It’s secure

    CUA Online Banking lets you securely change and reset your Web Access Code (WAC), set up SMS or email alerts on your account and update your security questions, as well as send and receive secure messages.

  • It's convenient

    Quickly and easily view, search and set up your payees and billers, make transactions, schedule payments and set up recurring payments while you’re on the go.

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How do I access Online Banking?

To log on to CUA Online Banking, you’ll need your CUA member number and Web Access Code (WAC). If you don’t have a WAC or need to reset your WAC, call us on 133 282 or drop into your local branch.

Your WAC will need to be 8 or more characters in length (max 512), and must use characters from two or more of the following character sets;

Set 1: uppercase / lowercase alphabetic characters A-Z / a-z

Set 2: numeric characters. 0 - 9

Set 3: special characters: ~`!@#$%^&*()-_+={}|[]\:;“‘<,>.?/

Staying secure

  • To stay secure, always log into online banking from and use the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner of the home page.
  • If you enter an incorrect WAC several times, your account will be locked as a security measure. If this happens, you can reset your WAC through the online banking login page providing you have set your security questions up, or just call us on 133 282.
  • If you’ve forgotten your WAC and it's not locked, you can use the ‘Forgotten your WAC’ option on the login page of CUA Online Banking. Once you’ve reset, you’ll be prompted to set a security question to increase the security of your account.
  • To protect your banking details, make sure you always log out when you finish your online banking session. You’ll find the log out button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • For added protection, a security code is required for some online banking transactions such as setting up a new payee or activating a new card. It’s a six digit code sent to you by SMS or email (you can manage your preferences on the ‘Personal details’ screen in CUA Online Banking). If you’re overseas, we’re not able to send a security code to your Australian or international mobile phone number. You may want to update your security code preference to email before you head off.
  • If you receive any communication which you believe is a hoax, please forward it to us at

Accessing CUA Online Banking

For your security, always log into CUA Online Banking from and use the 'Login' button in the top right corner of the home page. You'll need your CUA member number and Web Access Code (WAC).

If you’re not set up for CUA Online Banking yet and don’t have a WAC, then click here to register in less than 2 minutes.

If you’ve previously registered for online banking and forgotten your WAC, then follow the “Reset your WAC” link on the Online Banking login page or call us on 133 282.

Your WAC (Web Access Code) needs to be 8 or more characters in length (max 512), and must use characters from 2 of the following character sets;

Set 1: uppercase /lower alphabetic characters A-Z/ a-z
Set 2: numeric characters 0 - 9
Set 3: special characters: ~`!@#$%^&*()-_+={}|[]\:;“‘<,>.?/

If you've forgotten your WAC, simply use the 'Forgotten your WAC' option on the logon page of CUA Online Banking. For security reasons you'll be asked for your member number and date of birth. A six digit security code will be sent to you by SMS or email to complete the reset. For added security, when you next log on to online banking you'll be prompted to change your WAC and also set up a security question.

If you've already tried to log on and entered an incorrect WAC multiple times, then your WAC may have been locked. If this happens you can reset your WAC through the ‘Reset WAC’ function on the login page providing you have set your security questions in online banking. If your security questions are not set you'll need to call us on 133 282 to reset this for you.

If you ever forget your WAC (Web Access Code) or make several failed login attempts you’ll be temporarily locked out of CUA Online or Mobile Banking. Having a registered email address or mobile phone number, along with some security questions could save you from having to make a phone call. With security questions in place, you can quickly reset your access via Online Banking.

If you haven’t set up your security questions you will need to call 133 282 to get your WAC reset.

Using CUA Online Banking

Your pending card transactions for each account can be viewed through the Home Screen, in your Account Overview when you select View Details.

For debit cards, click on ‘View Pending Card Transactions” and for credit cards, click on “View more transactions”.

Once a transaction has been settled, it will appear on your transaction list.

The difference between your current balance and available balance can be made up of pending card transactions, uncleared cheques (debit cards only), holds on account (debit cards only) or month-to-date accrued cash advance interest charges (credit cards only). To see your pending card transactions for debit cards, click on ‘View Pending Card Transactions” and for credit cards, click on “View more transactions”. Once a transaction has been settled, it will appear on your transaction list.

There's no daily limit when you transfer funds between your own CUA accounts or pay your bills using BPAY.

For all other transfers, you can increase your daily limit up to $30,000. To change your daily limit, go to the ‘Manage Limits’ section in online banking.

Please note, a daily transfer limit of $5,000 does however apply for fast payments made through the New Payments Platform (NPP) and cannot be increased.

Find out more about NPP.

Yes, you can activate and change your PIN for a CUA Credit card, rediCARD and Visa Debit card in the 'My Cards’ section. You will receive a one time passcode to confirm this change. The new PIN will be available a short time later to use.

Your daily cash withdrawal limit for your rediCARD and Visa Debit card is displayed in the 'My Cards' section.

Yes, you can edit or delete any scheduled payments you have set up in online banking. Simply select the 'Bills Scheduled' or 'Payments Scheduled' pages in CUA Online Banking and select 'Edit' or 'Delete' from the 'Actions' menu.

Your mobile phone number and email address can be changed on the 'Personal details' screen. A secure code will be sent to you by SMS or email to allow you to change this information. To change your address, you can either send us a secure message in online banking or call us.

You can change your WAC in CUA Online Banking on the 'Change WAC' screen.

To enable you to use all of the Online Banking features we recommend setting your security questions. These are used when you need to reset your Web Access Code. All three questions and answers are to be completed. If you do not have these set and need to reset your WAC (web access code) you will need to call CUA on 133 282.

  1. Login to Online Banking via
  2. Under ‘Services’, click on Security Questions
  3. Then ‘Edit your security questions’
  4. A security code will be sent to you via SMS or email.
  5. Enter the code in the field provided and click ‘Continue’
  6. Choose your three security questions from the selection provided and type your answers.
  7. Click 'Save'

It’s as simple as that to set up your security questions. Why not do it now? Because one day, it could save you time if your CUA Online or Mobile Banking access is locked.

You can set SMS or email notifications to alert you when certain activities occur on your accounts.   For added security we will send you a 6 digit secure code to set or update your alerts.

Setting alert notifications is a good way to keep track of your account activity and alert you earlier to any fraudulent activity.

Set alerts to notify you when:

  • Your funds get low
  • A Cardless transaction is made (e.g. online purchase)
  • A scheduled payment fails
  • A redraw has been made on your Home Loan
  • Your account is overdrawn
  • Funds have been deposited
  • Your Term deposits are about to mature
  • A withdrawal has been made
  • A payment made to external payee or biller
  • An invalid online banking login has been made
  • Your Online banking WAC has been changed or locked
  • Get a transaction receipt

BPAY View allows you to register your bills and receive them direct to CUA Online Banking. We'll also send you an email letting you know each time a new bill arrives. This notification will appear on your 'Scheduled payments' screen as a reminder. With BPAY View you can view and pay your bills directly from CUA Online Banking. You can even choose to auto pay your bills when they're due.

To register a bill for BPAY View, simply go to the 'Biller list' screen in the BPAY section. If you've already paid your bill and saved the bill details, simply click on the 'Actions' option and select 'Register for BPAY View'. If you're about to pay your bill, select the 'Add biller' button from the biller list and tick the 'Register for BPAY View' box. You'll be prompted to complete a few additional questions so that the biller can verify you. Once you register, it can take up to two working days to process your request. Once processed, you will see the status of the bill change to 'Active' in your biller list.

Please be aware that not all billers are registered for BPAY View. If the biller is not registered, you won't see any options.

No. There are no fees to use BPAY and BPAY View.

BPAY transfers usually take three business days to complete and be received by the biller.

You can quickly and easily open the following accounts (or switch from an existing account) through the 'Apply Now' screen:

  • CUA Everyday Account
  • CUA Everyday Youth Account
  • CUA Everyday 55+ Account
  • CUA eSaver Plus Account
  • CUA eSaver Reward Account
  • CUA Youth eSaver Account
  • CUA Term Deposit

You can also apply for a personal loan and make an enquiry on a home loan on the 'Apply now' screen.

Savings Top-up is a clever add-on that gives your savings a boost every time you spend on your CUA debit card. For any purchase of $10 or more using your Visa Debit card or rediCARD, you can choose a Top-Up amount between 50c and $5 to be transferred automatically to your CUA savings account. Find out more. You can set up and manage Savings Top-Up from the 'Account Overview' screen of your CUA Everyday Account in CUA Online Banking.

Yes, simply click on Transfer Funds, when you select your Personal Loan from To Account field, click Payout Loan button to see your total payout figure (valid until 9pm that day only).

There are a range of background images you can choose to personalise your screen. Simply go to the ‘Preferences' screen and select the image you'd like.

SMS Banker is an alternative way to manage your money. You can nominate up to five accounts and make certain requests via SMS. You can set this up on the 'SMS Banking' screen in CUA Online Banking.

Simply SMS the relevant message code to 0428 767 282.

Request SMS message codeExample
Available account balances (up to 5 accounts) BAL BAL
Current balance of a nominated account BAL BAL1
The last 5 transactions on a nominated account TXN TXN2
The last 5 cheques presented on a nominated account CHQ CHQ3
The last 5 card transactions on a nominated account CRD CRD4

If you have more than one nominated account for SMS Banking, then your SMS message code must be followed by a number to indicate the order in which the account appears on your SMS Banking screen.

Example: If your eSaver plus account appears second on the list, then the SMS message would be BAL2.

If you only have one account nominated, no number is required to be added to the SMS message code. All SMS messages CUA sends to your phone are free, however your mobile phone operator may charge a fee for each SMS you send to us.

To optimise your online banking experience, we recommend the following browsers:

Latest full version release + Latest full version release + Latest full version release + Latest full version release +
Edge 16 49 10 52
Edge 17 57 11 60