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Investment amounts must be between
$5,000 AUD and $1,000,000 AUD

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Investment amounts must be between $5,000 AUD and $1,000,000 AUD
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Term Interest in
Interest monthly
1 Month 1.50%p.a. Not available
2 Month 1.70%p.a. 1.60%p.a.
3 Month 2.10%p.a. 2.00%p.a.
4 Month 2.30%p.a. 2.20%p.a.
5 Month 2.30%p.a. 2.20%p.a.
6 Month 2.50%p.a. 2.40%p.a.
7 Month 2.30%p.a. 2.20%p.a.
8 Month 2.40%p.a. 2.30%p.a.
9 Month 2.50%p.a. 2.40%p.a.
10 Month 2.30%p.a. 2.20%p.a.
11 Month 2.45%p.a. 2.35%p.a.
12 Month 2.50%p.a. 2.40%p.a.
13-23 Month 2.50%p.a. 2.40%p.a.
2 years 2.65%p.a. 2.55%p.a.
3 years 2.70%p.a. 2.60%p.a.
4 years 2.80%p.a. 2.70%p.a.
5 years 2.80%p.a. 2.70%p.a.
Platinum Plus Club Members (55+)
1 Year 2.60%p.a. 2.50%p.a.
13-23 Months 2.60%p.a. 2.50%p.a.
2 Years 2.75%p.a. 2.65%p.a.
3 Years 2.80%p.a. 2.70%p.a.
4 Years 2.90%p.a. 2.80%p.a.
5 Years 2.90%p.a. 2.80%p.a.

Conditions: Minimum investment $5,000. Interest is calculated daily on whole balances. To receive the Platinum Plus Club Member rates mentioned below, the account owner of the term deposit must be either an individual aged 55 years or over, or a Super Fund/Trust, where the Trustee is an individual aged 55 years or over.

Why choose a CUA Term Deposit?

Keep growing your savings with great rates and a choice of investment terms. Our Term Deposit accounts let you lock in an investment term that suits you, while enjoying a competitive interest rate that is fixed for the full term.

With options ranging from one month to five years, you can choose an investment term to suit your needs.
Option to receive your interest payments either monthly, annually or at maturity so you can make plans.
Lock-in your rate for a set period so you can plan. And with interest calculated daily you’ll know up front what you’ll earn on your investment.
With no monthly account keeping fees or an application fee, your savings won’t be reduced by unnecessary costs.

Monthly account keeping free
Application free

The CUA difference

We’re Credit Union Australia, a member-owned provider of financial, health and insurance solutions. With over 440,000 members in communities across Australia, we’re the country’s largest credit union, and we’re proud to be an award winning one too.

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Our Story

Our story began back in 1946 when we saw an opportunity to give Australians a fairer deal. We challenged the banking status quo at the time by providing responsible and affordable lending.

Through a series of mergers with like-minded credit unions and community groups, we created the powerful force that is CUA today. This growth and success lets us reinvest in our business, deepen our relationships with our members, champion great causes, and build stronger communities.

We’ve changed a lot over the years - and today we offer much more than just lending - but we’re still driven by a passionate and genuine desire to enrich our members’ lives.

That’s the CUA difference. Isn’t it time you discovered it for yourself?

CUA Term Deposit


  • Minimum deposits starting from $5,000
  • A permanent resident of Australia

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Rates current as at 05 December 2017 and subject to change.

Your needs and financial circumstances have not been taken into account. Terms and conditions are available on application. Other fees and charges may apply. A General Information, Terms & Conditions brochure and Schedule of Fees are available online or from your local CUA branch. You should read both these documents before deciding whether to purchase this product, issued by CUA.

Deposits up to $250,000 per account holder are guaranteed by the Federal Government under the Financial Claims Scheme.

Interest is calculated daily on whole balances and paid at maturity or annually for terms more than one year. If you seek an early release of your term deposit prior to its maturity date an early withdrawal interest penalty may apply.

Minimum investment $5,000. To receive the Platinum Plus Club Member rates, the account owner of the term deposit must be either an individual aged 55 years or over, or a Super Fund/Trust, where the Trustee is an individual aged 55 years or over.

*All interest results displayed above are indicative only and should not be relied upon. Interest shown is calculated based on the inputs provided and CUA's current term deposit rates, which are subject to change. Interest calculations assume all months are of equal length, even though some months are longer than others. Your actual interest amount may vary depending on the exact number of days in your term and whether part of your term occurs during a leap year. Interest is also rounded to the nearest dollar for ease of presentation.