Savings Top-up

You can save as you spend with SavingsTop-up

Some life rich moments are worth saving for and with Savings Top-Up, you can give your savings a boost every time you spend.

How does it work?

CUA Everyday Account

Make a purchase of $10 or more with you Visa Debit card or rediCARD

CUA eSaver Reward

Set-up an amount of your choice
(from $0.50 to $5.00) to be transferred
to your nominated CUA savings account

Why use the Savings Top-up with your CUA Everyday Account?

All you need is a CUA Everyday Account and CUA Online Banking to set-up this helpful service. Then all you need to decide is the amount you want to save each time you spend. Savings top-up will transfer your savings once a day based on the total eligible card purchases you’ve made that day. We don’t want to leave you short – so the daily transfer won’t take place if you have less than $100 in your CUA Everyday Account.

For any purchase of $10 or more using your Visa Debit card or rediCARD, you can choose a Top-Up amount between 50c and $5 to be transferred automatically to your CUA savings account.
Your Savings Top-Up can be sent to any CUA savings account, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. And you’ve got the flexibility to make changes, or turn Savings Top-up on or off at any time in CUA Online Banking.

How do I start Savings Top-Up?

Just log in to Online Banking:
  1. On the home screen, click "View details" on one of your CUA Everday Accounts
  2. Then click on the "Savings Top-Up" button

Savings Top-up


To use Savings Top-Up you must:
  • Have a CUA everyday Account
  • Have Online Banking access

What to do now

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Your needs and financial circumstances have not been taken into account. Terms and conditions are available on application. Other fees and charges may apply. A General Information, Terms & Conditions brochure and Schedule of Fees are available online or from your local CUA branch. You should read both these documents before deciding whether to purchase this product, issued by CUA.

Deposits up to $250,000 per account holder are guaranteed by the Federal Government under the Financial Claims Scheme.