Consolidate my debt

Is a debt consolidation loan right for me?

If you’re thinking about your financial situation and want to get on top of things, we can help you take control so you can enjoy some financial breathing space. It might be time to reassess your situation. Look at the cards in your wallet and your account in your online banking and answer a few questions.

Credit cards and store cards Show more

  • How many credit cards and store cards do you have?
  • What are the annual fees?
  • How much interest is charged?
  • Are your repayments reducing the debt or only paying off the interest?
  • How many personal loans (including car loans) do you have?
  • How much interest do you pay?
  • When are your repayments made?
  • What is your total debt?
  • What is the total amount of interest you’re paying?
  • What are the total fees you are paying?
  • What does your repayment calendar look like – what day and how often?

Quickly calculate your CUA debt consolidation personal loan*

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* The graphical representation of loan calculations is not precise and is representational only.
The calculations provided are estimates only and based upon the information entered into the calculator by the user. The calculations do not include upfront or continuing credit fees and charges. The resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application or variation to an existing CUA facility, loan offer or loan approval.

What are the benefits of consolidating debt?

If you have a number of debts, it can be hard to know where to start. By rolling all your debts into one, you can focus on paying off one amount. Having just one figure to focus on can help to reduce your debt faster.

One manageable repayment Show more

Pay just one repayment weekly, fortnightly or monthly on your payday or a day that suits you. It’s much easier to keep track of which means you can avoid late payment fees and even improve your credit rating.

If you choose a fixed rate debt consolidation loan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your repayment amount won’t change throughout the life of your loan.

Consolidating debt stops you from paying multiple annual fees or account keeping fees, and it means you’ll only pay one lot of interest.

Interest rates for personal loans are often less than rates for credit cards and store cards too, meaning lower repayments.

If you only pay the minimum repayment across multiple cards and loans, you may only be paying off the interest and not reducing your debt. By rolling it into one, your repayments will actually make a difference.

Add extra repayments to the amount you were previously paying and you’ll be able to pay off your loan sooner.

A personal loan just for you

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