Our voice-activated phone banking service lets you manage your accounts and pay bills. All you need is your customer number and a telephone access code (TAC). It’s available 24/7 – just call 133 282.

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About Telebanker

Telebanker gives you convenient and secure phone access to many banking facilities - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can:

  • Check an account balance – you can set up a preferred account to automatically tell you the balance as soon as you log in
  • Pay your bills using BPAY
  • Transfer funds between your CUA accounts
  • Find out how much interest your savings have earned this financial year
  • Enquire on your transaction history for details on:
    • Your last ten transactions
    • The last five cheques presented on your account
    • he last five direct credits to your account
    • The last five card transactions you made with your CUA rediCARD or Visa Debit card

To register for Telebanker, simply call us on 133 282, or visit your local branch and we’ll set you up.

What you’ll need to begin

  • Your CUA customer number
  • A telephone access code (TAC). If you don’t have a TAC or you’ve forgotten it, call us on 133 282 or drop into your local branch.

What happens next

When you call 133 282, Telebanker will prompt you for your customer number and then your TAC. Key in these numbers using the buttons on your telephone keypad.

Once logged in, you’ll immediately hear your preferred account balance or it will default to your oldest account. If you want to hear another account, you can ask us to update it for you.

You’ll then be given a list of options. Simply tell Telebanker what you want. Remember, for each instruction you give the system, you’ll need to specify the name of the account and the type of enquiry or transaction you want to carry out.

For example:
“What is the balance of my savings account?”
“Can I have the last 10 transactions for my Everyday Account?”
“Tell me the last five cheques on my savings account.”
“I’d like to transfer $200 from my savings account to my holiday account.”
“I’d like to pay a bill.”
“I’d like to change my TAC.”

Key words to use are:
“List options” - to return to the main menu at any time
“Repeat” - to repeat the last instruction or option
“Go back” - to return to the previous instruction or option
“Help” - to obtain help using the system
“Goodbye”- to exit the system at any time

Telebanker is sensitive to background noise, so it’s best to find a quiet, private place to call.

Name your account

For easy reference, you can personalise the name of your accounts. Select from the following options:

Bills Pension Account eSaver Flexi Account
Daily Expenses Property Account eSaver Reward Account
Education Property No2 Everyday 50+ Account
Fire Extinguisher   Renovations Account Everyday Account
Holiday  Rent Everyday Business Account
Investment Loan Repairs and Maintenance Everyday Youth Account
Investment No2 Savings Account Line of Credit
Joint Account Shares Account Overdraft Account
Kids Account Smile Personal Loan
Miscellaneous Account Splurge Term Deposit
Mojo Working Capital Youth eSaver Account

Using BPAY

Once you’ve told Telebanker you want to pay a bill, you’ll be prompted for the ‘biller code’ and ‘customer reference number’ which are printed on your bill. Have these handy so you can key them in using your telephone keypad.

Once the payment is complete, you’ll be given a receipt number. It’s a good idea to keep a record of this.

You can arrange to pay bills up to one year in advance and check future payments you’ve set up previously on Telebanker. Select ‘future payments’ from the option menu and follow the prompts.

Stay secure

Remember your TAC is similar to a personal identification number (PIN). Store it in your memory – don’t write it down or give it to anyone else. When Telebanker prompts you for your TAC, always use the telephone keypad to enter it.

If you think someone knows your TAC, change it immediately on Telebanker by selecting the ‘change TAC’ option or by contacting us to request a new TAC.