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Financial Assistance Application

CUA is committed to supporting members during the COVID-19 situation. If you're currently, or expect you might in the future experience financial difficulties related to COVID-19, please complete the form below.

Over half of CUA members are currently ahead of their scheduled home loan repayments or paying more than the minimum required amount. If you are one of these members, then you could consider redrawing those extra repayments fee-free or reducing your monthly repayment to support you during this time. To find out more refer to our online guide or contact us on 133 282.

If you have multiple loan or credit card accounts with CUA that you would like considered as part of this application, please complete a separate form for each account.

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Switch from Principal and Interest to Interest Only Repayments for 12 months

Please note where your loan or product does not support this Interest Only repayment option, we will contact you to discuss alternative options.

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If you have a Guarantor(s) on your loan, we will request their consent to the changes submitted on this account via email. We recommend you let the Guarantor know about this request to avoid delays.
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Please note that by choosing to switch from Principal and Interest to Interest Only your interest rate may increase.
Interest rates are available on our website.

Switching to Interest Only repayments may result in an increase in your repayment amount at the end of the Interest Only term and will result in an overall increase in interest payable over the term of your loan.

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If you defer your loan repayments, you will continue to incur interest over this period, which will be added to the outstanding loan amount. When your repayments resume they will be higher, to ensure you pay the balance over the remaining term of the loan. Do you understand and agree?
Please note our current processing time is 3 days.